Real Estate Update – Fort Collins, CO

Real Estate Activity in Fort Collins April 2017

Single Family Homes

New listings: 250

High: $$635,000

Low: $$50,000

Median: $397,937.50

Sold: 208

Average days on market of sold homes: 65

Median selling price: $404,717.50

100 homes sold for $399k and under, 79 homes sold between $400-$500k, 18 homes sold between $600-$700k and 11 homes sold for more than $700k.

Attached Dwellings (Condo/Townhomes)

New listings: 198

High: $1,495,000

Low: $130,000

Median: $322,516

Sold: 92

Average Days on market of sold condos/townhouses: 92

Median selling price: $296,935.50

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