Choosing The Right Neighborhood – 7 Tips To Guide You

If you are new to Fort Collins or are looking to move within the community, here are a few things to take into consideration.

Schools matter.

Poudre School District upholds the highest of standards in education across the board which means the neighborhoods in our community surround a quality schools. PSD offers school of choice which lends you the ability to live in any neighborhood yet have the option to choose which school you would like your children to attend. View the different schools and programs offered through PSD here.


What is your lifestyle? Do you like to walk or ride your bike to local restaurants, shops, and events without driving across town? Or do you prefer a quiet neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of a downtown area? Living in the Old Town area is very popular but with that comes a lot of activity, especially during the summer event season. You may welcome this as you can walk or ride to multiple events throughout the year, or you may find this an annoyance if you are looking for quiet weekends. To find an area that fits how you imagine living try

The Vibe.

The best way to know a neighborhood is to hit the pavement and start touring. Having an experienced Realtor who knows the community inside and out is a plus and will save you a lot of time driving in circles finding the neighborhood that feels right for you.


If you want to explore further the crime in certain areas, view the crime map of Fort Collins here. Fort Collins has a low crime rate which makes living here even better!

The Commute.

Do you commute to work? If so you will want to take into consideration the areas in Fort Collins that have quick and easy access to I-25. Again, an experienced real estate agent can help you find the right home that meets all of your criteria including easy access to help your commute. You may also want to consider living in a nearby smaller community to avoid large city traffic.


Know how much you can afford. The amount of money a lender qualifies you for is often more than you truly want to spend monthly. Knowing your price point will help filter out neighborhoods that are not within your budget.

Return on investment.

How long do you plan on living in your new home? Many people assume they’ll spend decades living in their home, but the truth is that on average we move once every seven years. If you plan to move sooner buying in an up and coming neighborhood may not be right for you. Email or call us, and we can give you insight into what neighborhoods are showing a higher ROI.

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